Why I love Pinterest

I think I am officially hooked on Pinterest. Addicted. Yup. It’s like a drug. But better. Each experience is different. New people to follow. New boards to create. New images to pin. There’s ALWAYS something new and I think that’s the beauty of Pinterest. At first, I could not understand what the big deal was and I thought it was just the next social media BSO (bright shiny object). That was until I got myself started and now I can’t stop. It’s my guilty pleasure each night before I turn in and call it a day. There really is truth to the concept that we are visually oriented.  And Pinterest has latched onto that in a big way. Today Pinterest announced its new analytics tool – I guess the big question is “what am I really getting out of this new social media tool and how can I monetize it?” Some sources say that consumer brands that target females have made the most in-roads in this area and they are already seeing product sales that can be traced back to a Pinterest pin. In the mean time, I’ll keep evangelizing about what a cool tool it is and how it relaxes me at the end of a hectic day.

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