The Universe Conspires in Mysterious Ways

The Universe Conspires
Deanna and I after our morning walk!

Have you ever pondered how the Universe knows WHEN AND WHAT to deliver? (Hint: It’s usually not something that you could have easily orchestrated either.)

I marvel at these divine interventions and have learned to bless them.

Today, I found myself thanking God for bringing a very special friend back into my life.  I could not be happier. I could not be more filled with JOY.

Earlier this year, Gabby Bernstein taught me that joy is actually the highest vibration of energy in the Universe. I set my intentions at that moment to CHASE JOY at every opportunity.

It was through a strange twist of circumstances in my personal and professional life that I have now been reunited with my friend Deanna, someone who was SUCH a big part of my teen years growing up in Harford County.

I met Deanna when I was 13 — you know that awkward age where you know you are no longer a kid but you aren’t quite a fully developed teenager. It was a year to forget, for sure.

Deanna and I would finish middle school and go to high school together.

In that time, we’d talk about EVERYTHING. For example:

  • We were constantly trying to figure out what we wanted to be when we grew up.
  • We talked about what we thought college would be like. (We would end up losing touch over our college years. That is until the Universe brought us back together this year.)
  • We talked about places we wanted to travel to.
  • We talked about what was important to us.
  • We talked about the type of person we wanted to marry.
  • We talked about what kind of marriage we wanted.
  • We talked about food.
  • We talked about sports.
  • We talked about current events.
  • We shared our dreams.

I have so many great memories of our conversations. More importantly, I remember all the LAUGHTER that we shared as we grew into adults. Today, our souls shared even more laughter. It was like we were 13 all over again.

Fast forward thirty some years and we are now dealing with new realities such as:

  • Teaching and working with students to help them learn, develop and grow
  • Caring for aging parents and all the associated issues that come with that territory
  • Managing relationships with spouses, children and siblings
  • Dreaming about the next chapter of our life and acknowledging that neither of us will ever fully “retire” from working

I am so grateful that the Universe conspired in this mysterious way and brought Deanna back into my life.

> Who do you wish you could reconnect with?

> Be open to who and what the Universe wants to send your way.

Chasing JOY is my new mantra. What’s yours?


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