Thank You Universe

I give THANKS for a new day and all of the ABUNDANCE that the Universe has bestowed upon me. As I reflect on my past, stay present in the NOW and plan for the future I realize that my true PASSIONS include:

***International travel where I can learn about other cultures. This year I have ventured to Costa Rico and Tulum, Mexico. Both of these trips taught me so much about the world. More importantly I came to know my soul on a deeper level… and I became aware of who I am here to serve in this lifetime. (Got any recommendations for my next trip?)

***Teaching and coaching women how to become better leaders. You might not know but I’ve launched a private coaching practice this year. I have enrolled several women who said YES to my invitation to pursue THEIR PASSIONS. This work SETS me on FIRE. I am convinced that ALL of my experiences have led me to this point and I have MANY women to serve.

***Spending time with like-minded souls. I’ve invested heavily in group mastermind programs and private training sessions with some of the world’s top mindset and professional development gurus of our time. I no longer feel the need to be with low-vibe people. I only want to be with highly conscious individuals. These are my people. I now say NO to so many things that in the past I would have said yes to…This photo is from July when I spent time with these amazing women who GET me and I GET them. We were basking in the GLOW of Tulum, Mexico and the positive energy of that beach.

***Reading, learning and growing as a human. We always have more to learn. Reading has been my passion my entire life. I want to introduce others to the great books that I have read and learned about from my mentors. Stay tuned for What’s On My Bookshelf, a feature on my website that will provide these resources right to you.

***Spreading love, joy and hope out into the world. The world needs more people doing this. I have CHOSEN to be a HIGH VIBE gal. Self-love is the foundation for this movement.

***Experimenting with new technology and marketing techniques. I’ve learned so much just by EXPERIMENTING. Right now, I am testing out a few new things and I have a few more planned before the year ends. The biggest one is a rebranding of my website/blog. Working with an amazing graphic designer, my vision is coming to life. Stay tuned for the big reveal and what I have to share through my writing.

***Connecting every day with my HIGHER POWER. As I have grown on my spiritual journey, I now depend on opening and closing my day with prayer and meditation to connect me back to what really matters. I wake up appreciating all that I have and I ask that God use me that day for a higher purpose. I close my day with a prayer of THANKSGIVING for the abundance in my life. And guess what? God sends me more!

***Sharing my gifts with my family. I love to bless my family in small and large ways. I am grateful for the emotional support that is bestowed upon me each and every day. My family is one of my greatest assets and I LOVE them beyond measure.

***Creating a freedom based business…where I can live where I want… doing work that I want to do..with amazing clients… when I want to….This is my DREAM. Each day I take steps to move me forward in this direction. The Internet is helping me but I also know that the people that know, like and trust me already will be my best clients on my journey (that’s already proven to be true)….

***Celebrating victories and wins that my friends and fellow solo-preneurs have – landing a new client, getting an appointment to pitch your services, securing a speaking engagement or leading a retreat with your ideal clients. I love a good PARTY and when I can walk side by side with other leaders on their journey I send them a big HIGH five. I know that there is MORE than enough to go around!

So I ask you, what are YOU passionate about and when will you GO FOR IT? Stop resisting and LET GO what no longer serves you.

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Posted October 10, 2017
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