Brian Meeley

I worked very closely with Tracy for more than two years in the planning and execution of communications and outreach activities for the fledgling nuclear power venture UniStar Nuclear Energy. Tracy was responsible for guiding and coordinating UniStar activities and issues with those of the rest of Constellation Energy’s power generation lines of business. Her strategic guidance on key issues was always on target, and her ability to see critical points of intersection across the various functions and lines of business were central to the venture’s success, particularly for a publicly traded utility and electric power provider. Tracy knew the organization better than most, and was consistently able to cut through bureaucratic limitations to get the job done, and with outstanding results. And, Tracy is a real pleasure to work with in the process. Her capability, professionalism and bright attitude are a rare combination that enable her to effectively lead, inspire and perform at a high level, even under the most challenging of circumstances. I highly recommend Tracy as a leader and a highly valued member of any team.

Brian Meeley
Potomac Communications
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