Taking the Plunge

It’s never too late to do anything. For me, I am coming to the blogging party long after it started but the fact is – I came, I decided to show up, and I wanted to do it right. I realized I could not do it alone and that I needed guidance from others. That’s me on the diving board – ready, willing and able. You see I’ve been busy doing the corporate dance for the past ten years but this year I decided to INVEST in myself. That’s right – I realized that despite my loyalty to Corporate America, it just didn’t always love me back in the same way. I could be shown the door tomorrow. So I decided that I needed to POSITION myself for the FUTURE and let the world know who I was and why they would want to have ME, Tracy Imm,  lead their team.

I’ve spent much of 2011 getting clear on my life purpose, identifying my DESIRES and then creating a plan that will get me there. I’ve gotten rid of things that do not serve me and I’ve created MARGIN in my life for the Universe to send me what I need. And it’s responded. I now have a team that supports me, coaches me and mentors me in all aspects of my DESIRED life. I’ve come to realize that there is power in SLOW and that if you just BELIEVE, amazing things can happen.

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