Social Toaster: Branding and Product Launch

Social Toaster
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Tracy was hired by Brian Razzaque, a technology entrepreneur, to help him market his web development firm. As part of the engagement she helped him to brand and launch Social Toaster, an innovative social media platform that engages your brand ambassadors to promote your content on their social networks. Current Social Toaster clients now include Nickelodeon, A&E, FOX, Detroit Pistons, Baltimore Ravens, Salvation Army and Unicef.

In 2010, Brian Razzaque saw a gap in the market and believed he could create a useful social media platform that automated content sharing like nothing out there. Today he holds a patent on this technology and has successfully marketed to agencies and corporate clients across the nation. He’s also attracted angel investors for his company and is regarded as one of the Mid-Atlantic’s smartest techpreneurs.

To get the concept out into the world, he hired Tracy to help him design and develop this system as well as create a fun and engaging product launch. From creating the product name to writing the marketing collateral and soft launch at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, Tracy was there from the beginning with Brian and his team. She’s proud to be on the patent for the technology and very excited to see how it is helping organizations promote their messages to their audiences!


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