Executive Coaching

Leadership can be lonely. My superpower is the ability to coach corporate executives to be courageous, lead their teams confidently and grow to new levels of performance. We are culture changers.

Your Strengths

Working WITH our strengths leads to achievement.

Your Committment

Decide, be all in and watch the Universe conspire.

Your Plan

Take the right actions. Be held accountable.


“I hired Tracy Imm as a personal coach to help me examine and redefine my career goals so they would work in tandem with my personal aspirations. I was in a slump , and was lacking the motivation, direction and courage to take the steps nece ssary to reach my highest potential . Boy, am I glad that I made the decision to bring Tracy on as personal coach ! Tracy was instrumental in helping me clearly defin e my goals, foc us my energy , and she gave me the gift of confidence to move forward with a well thought out plan moving forward as a start the next chapter of my life as a soon – to – be “empty nester mom”. My only regret is that I wish I had her as a personal coach sooner in my life”

Deonne Wolman

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