Make Your Bed Every Day

Make Your Bed
Make Your Bed Every Day

Do you make your bed every day? I do (even when I am in a hotel traveling for business). It’s my way of telling the Universe that I am ready for the day.  I’ve been doing this simple act since I was a kid and I plan to do it for the rest of my life. As crazy as it sounds I think it matters and it gets my day off to the right start. I believe that when you make your bed, you are signaling that you can start and finish a task. You see things through. You can focus. No task is beneath you. These are all critical traits to exhibit to your clients and/or employer. You don’t have to have a military background or training to make your bed every day. Your mother probably taught you how to do it when you were little. It does not have to be hard, complicated or time consuming. Simple is better. As you make your bed, think about how lucky you are to HAVE a bed to make. Reflect on how wonderful it is to have a ROOF over your head. And more importantly how awesome it is to be able to eat a healthy breakfast and be able to work for a living. I am grateful for so much in my life, including the ability to MAKE MY BED EVERY DAY. How about you?


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