Learning to Own My Power

How I learned to OWN my POWER…

We are more powerful than we realize. I used to give away my power EACH and EVERY day. I would let myself be whip sawed around by so much and by so many. My life was a roller coaster of emotions and drama. No more. I’m done with that approach.

I realize now that everything is a MIRROR. What you see is what you are projecting. When I start to complain or gripe about something I now ask myself “where do I behave like that?” My other questions: “What am I supposed to LEARN from this situation?” “What am I supposed to learn from this person?”

There is your CIRCLE of CONCERN and your CIRCLE of INFLUENCE according to the late Stephen Covey. I choose now to concern myself only with those things in my control (which is me and my reaction or response). I also choose to focus my energy on my circle of influence (which is really quite large!)…this slight shift in focus has helped me so much.

I’m learning to TRUST my gut more and more each day. My sixth sense is usually right on point. I no longer stuff it down or suppress what I am feeling, even if it is anger, shame or guilt. I have come to explore these emotions to help me move more quickly through an uncomfortable situation. I stand in my power now and accept that this is just the human condition.

At times, my POWER actually scares me. I’m getting better at being okay with that…but I still struggle. I try to move into a heart-centered place in these moments. I work to still my mind and focus on my breath.

We all have so much POWER as individuals. To gain control of our emotions, we have to refrain from fueling the emotions that come from FEAR. It’s easy to say. Hard to do.

I challenge you to OWN your POWER, limit your circle of concern and TRUST your gut. It’s okay if your POWER scares you, too.

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