Introducing Canva, a graphic design tool for non-designers

It’s been proven in research that people are more likely to remember your message when you include a visual element. Unless you have access to talented graphic designers you run the risk that your message gets lost in the sauce with your audience. I recently stumbled upon a new tool called Canva that solves this issue relatively easily. There are oodles of templates that you can pick from to create your visual element. It’s free to open an account and of course there are a few paid features that you can elect to use if you want to get really fancy. Canva also has video tutorials that are easy to follow and if you sign up for their email list you get updates, tips and tricks to get more proficient. So if you are looking for a low-cost option to creating graphics without looking amateur, Canva may be a good solution for you to create “stickiness” with your message. My hope with my blog is to share fun resources like Canva with my colleagues and peers in the corporate communications world. Let me know if you find these treasures helpful on your professional journey!

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