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Discover Your Soul Signature
Discover Your Soul Signature

Ever since I was a kid, I have LOVED to read. I continue to make it part of my daily life and I am always looking to read about interesting subjects. My library at home is full of books about business, marketing, technology, change management, career development, successful living and more. My Kindle is overflowing with even more topics. I have the Kindle app on my phone so I am never far from a book! I believe that the secret to success in life is committing to always learning and growing.

Now that my blog is up and running my plan is to share with you what I am reading in the hopes that you might become part of my virtual book club. [Full disclosure: As an Amazon affiliate, I may get a few shekels along the way for recommending a book or two.] I’ll be posting on a regular basis about books that I have in my library or have recently learned about. Feel free to contact me with your favorites as well.

My latest Kindle download is Discovering Your Soul Signature by Panache Desai. I heard about his book from the catalog I get from Kripalu, the largest yoga based retreat center in North America. The author is doing a two day session at Kripalu in November and while I can’t go, I thought the book sounded interesting. He believes that your soul signature is your spiritual DNA and that it is who you are at your core.  In his book, Panache invites you to rediscover your purpose and passion and believe from your soul in the possibility of all things. His 33 day plan helps you uncover your path to purpose, passion and joy.  To learn more about the author, you can also visit his website at www.panachedesai.com.

Let me know what you think of his book and if you found it helpful. I’m excited to learn more about how to activate my ability to elevate everyone and everything around me!

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