How to Knock it out of the Park with Internal Communications


If  your really want to knock it out of the park with your internal communications campaign, then I believe you need a few stars to align. First, you need to simplify your message and link it to a business imperative. You have to help people connect the dots and understand at a very basic level what you want them to do with this new information. Explaining how something links to the corporate strategy is always a good idea when you announce changes or major projects that increase revenue, reduce costs or make the company a great place to work.

Next, work to understand how your employees prefer to receive company information. You’ll need good processes and technology in place to have the most impact.  If the majority of your employees speak Spanish and work in field positions, don’t assume that posting a story in English to your intranet does the job. Create distribution lists, do home mailers, put information in pay stubs and on posters in local languages. This just shows respect for your diverse workforce. I also recommend producing creative or graphics for all of your internal communications campaigns ~~~ we are all visual and this just helps your company content stand out from the noise and clutter that every employee must filter.

Posted June 4, 2013
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