How Are You Using Your Voice in The World?

I participated in a 7 day writing challenge last month. It got my creative juices fired back up! I’m back on track with a major writing project that I had set aside. The time is now for me to take it across the FINISH line.


Here’s one of my posts from the writing challenge:

Our VOICE in the world can heal, give hope and inspire others. I’ve chosen to use my VOICE for good in the world. My VOICE is my instrument. You can hear my VOICE when you read my writing. I come from a place of love when I use my VOICE.

I no longer suppress my VOICE. I have so much to teach. So much to share. My soul’s assignment requires my VOICE to be authentic, sincere and genuine. I’ve only recently realized my path has led me here.

Today I ask “how are you using your VOICE in the world?”

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