From My Heart to You

From my HEART to you….

My HEART is full when I am near the sea. I connect more deeply with the Universe as I see the vastness of the world and what is not seen. I come to realize how small my first world problems really are. It puts so much in perspective for me.

My HEART is full when I write. Even if it never gets published or read, my heart is full. Words flow through me. My message most of the time is for me. I just happen to share it sometimes with others on social media.

My HEART is full when I see people helping other people. Especially as we have experienced so much natural disaster in the past few weeks. Humans helping humans is what matters.

My HEART is full when I hear about my family and friends celebrating milestones like graduations, weddings and new babies. Even as more and more of my friends pass on or my friends lose parents, I still am joyful that I was touched by this person in their lifetime. I mourn these losses yet know that the world was a better place because of our loved ones.

My HEART is full when I see women achieve and accomplish more in the world. My own great-grandmothers did not have the privileges that I have like the right to vote. I smile every time I see announcements about women becoming executives and CEOs. Women joining corporate boards. Things that my ancestors could only dream of. I love when women win Olympic medals. I love when women create and lead 7 figure businesses. I love when women speak up about what needs to change. This fills my HEART.

My HEART hurts when other people hurt. I want peace. I want equal rights. I want justice. I want LOVE in the world, not hate. I want people to be able to freely express themselves without fear of retribution or violence. I am a dreamer I know.

Lastly, I ask you when have you done a HEART centered deed? If we each take on one of these a day, the world will be a much different place for ALL of us.


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