Experimenting with Canva

Canva in action
Canva in action

I recently signed up for a free account with Canva, a company that Guy Kawasaki is promoting these days. He’s the former Chief Evangelist for Apple and a real thought leader in the world of technology that you should consider following. Tonight I decided to experiment with the software to see the types of graphics that can be created by a novice (check out my super simple graphic called Behind the Scenes). You have lots of templates to choose from and there are easy to follow tutorials that teach you how to create a decent looking graphic. Being a visual person and knowing that when you add visuals to your communication piece people are more likely to view it, I wanted to be able to not have to rely on a trained designer for all of my needs. Don’t get me wrong, I believe there is a place for designers and I think they deserve to be compensated for their time and talents. Of course there are free tools and paid tools with Canva. I found the free tools to be more than enough to start with and I’d be willing to pay for some of the add-ons if I wanted something extra special in my design. If you are looking to create some simple graphics to spice up your communications material, then Canva may be your answer.

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