Episode 9: Recognize How Exceptional You Are With Jennifer Ransaw-Smith

On today’s episode of Brave Girls with Tracy Imm I interview my friend Jennifer Ransaw-Smith, a nationally recognized expert who calls herself a “personal brand architect”. Leveraging her advertising agency background, she is on a mission to ignite the visibility of professional women around the globe. She runs the Undeniably Fierce community on Facebook where she speaks about the importance of “recognizing how exceptional you are”. On the episode, Jennifer shares with us her Manifesto which is so inspiring and empowering. She works with her clients to “define themselves, before others do it for them.”

Jennifer shares how her days of as a copywriter for the likes of Burger King, AT&T, Texaco and Kraft helped her hone her branding chops and how she used that experience to be a mentor and coach to women. She also shares how an article in Fast Company magazine in 1997 changed the trajectory of her career. and why she believes that it’s possible for women to become industry rockstars and attract phenomenal opportunities like speaking engagement and paid board positions.

What I love most about this interview with Jennifer is her passion for personal branding and how she equips her clients for success by using her talents and gifts. You’ll love her story about her leap into entrepreneurship during a recession and how she has grown her practice to include international clients and female professionals in many sectors. She shares her perspective on fear and how to master your mindset and develop soft skills to navigate your success. I share how Jennifer helped launch my teaching and speaking career over a decade ago and why investing in myself by working with her made all the difference to my work in the world today.

Jennifer gives some sound advice that she shares with her clients as they work to elevate their personal brand that you’ll be able to take away. We talk about the importance of building our relationships, having self-confidence and why you need to take the reigns as opposed to pledging undying loyalty to your organization.

As Jennifer Ransaw-Smith points out on the show it’s important to recognize how exceptional you are.


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