Episode 8: Never Turn Down An Opportunity with Christine Michel Carter

On today’s episode of Brave Girls with Tracy Imm, I talk to social media superstar Christine Michel Carter. She shares with me her story about being a brave girl and how she’s worked in corporate, launched her side hustle and what she believes is her mission in this lifetime. She’s a global consumer marketing strategy analyst by day, blogger by night and dedicated mom. In her side hustle, she’s established herself as the go to expert for millennial moms, specifically black female professionals. Her strong desire for honest parenting drives her and you’ll see it reflected in her social media posts and articles that have been published in major news outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur, TIME, Real Simple and the New York Times.

What I love about Christine is her hustle and her wisdom. She talks about the importance of relationships and doing the work. She shares her journey in the marketing world and the results she was able to deliver for her clients. She gives great advice if you’re looking to grow your follower base through blogging and writing. I’m so inspired by her work ethic and drive as she pursues her soul’s purpose.

She tells us her story of starting as a web design associate and writer out of college for Fire and Ice, a local jewelry retailer and pitched herself to become Director of Marketing eventually launching her own retail marketing firm in the middle of a recession. She talks about how everything seemed to be against her – young, black, female and in a terrible economic environment. She emerged from that experience to launch Zipcar in Baltimore and other major cities as an alternative means of transportation. This role led her to a high level consumer brand position with McCormick, a global brand based in Baltimore.

Her writing is prolific and she continues to contribute to major publications where she shares her perspective. I believe that her grit and hustle set her apart from the competition and opportunities have come her way. She puts her heart and soul into all that she does and it truly shows. As a result, she’s formed a number of strategic partnerships with brands where she promotes products and services from a place of authenticity. We also share our love of the Girl Scouts and how it shaped who we both are today.

You’ll want to check out Christine Michel’s body of work on social – she’s active on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. I know that you will enjoy the episode with Christine as much as I did creating it. She’s a Brave Girl who’s got something to say and she’s on the move. 

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