Episode 73: The Art & Science of Gifting with Becky Briggs

Today’s podcast guest, Becky Briggs is an expert in both the art and the science of gifting and she shares her thoughts on researching the perfect gift and ensuring the gift makes an impact with the receiver. A master networker and community business leader, Becky left her corporate career to follow her passion.

Her boutique gift business, Our Gift Biz, is known for simplifying the process of gift giving for her clients that lack the time to locate and wrap meaningful gifts. I love that Becky and her team are sensitive to the conservation of our planet and work to use sustainable packaging. Her company also often works with artists to create personalized gifts and she finds that her clients are often searching for something personable, unique and memorable. I love her philosophy of personalization and how she is serving the world in this special way. 

Becky also shares her personal story of becoming the guardian of her brother’s children when he passed away and how this shaped her life. She talks about how much joy this has brought to her life and how it inspires her to be creative and brave with both her clients and her family. 

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