Episode 70: The Final 8th with Bridgit Dengel Gaspard

Today’s Brave Girl is Bridgit Dengel Gaspard, a licensed social worker and creativity coach in New York City that has also appeared as a SAG actress on the daytime soap opera, A Guiding Light and done stand up comedy! Bridgit’s energy is contagious and it comes across in the interview as she shares her story and what she’s focused on teaching the rest of us.

She’s an expert in “voice dialogue” and she explains how she uses this framework in her private practice and to even help her with auditions. Bridgit shares with us what voice dialogue is and how it can be used on your personal transformational development path. She is an active workshop presenter and teaches social workers, nurses, coaches, body workers, mental health practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists and others. 

We also talk about how so many of our beliefs and habits are formed in our subconscious before the age of 7 (or even in utero) and why we need to interrupt the patterns and pay attention to our self-talk. Bridgit’s book, The Final Eighth is scheduled for release next year. She coined this term as she watched her talented, energetic and motivated clients stall in front of their finish line, for no good reason. The final eighth refers to the transformational process of taking the steps necessary to complete a project, finish a goal, realize a dream, love yourself and flourish. I love that Bridgit has uncovered this phenomenon and that she’s put it into a book form for high achievers to better understand what makes them stop. 

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