Episode 7: Less Is More With Mary Ann Singer

On this episode of Brave Girls with Tracy Imm,  I interview executive coach Mary Ann Singer, someone I have known and worked with for many decades. When I first met Mary Ann she was the President of the Junior League of Baltimore and held a high level executive position in commercial real estate. Hailing from New Orleans, she now runs a thriving business called Synergy Consultants in the Tampa-St. Petersburg Florida region where she coaches high achievers to rethink, refocus and refuel.

We discuss how Mary Ann started in the steamship industry in New Orleans, moved to Baltimore and then transitioned into the male dominated field of commercial real estate. After 17 years in corporate, she pivoted out of the corporate world to pursue her dream of having her own coaching business. We talk about that leap and how she believed the net would appear when she made that critical decision to leave a paycheck and pension. Based on her professional reputation in the marketplace as a board member was instrumental in landing her first few clients and her practice has expanded ever since to include leading masterminds, workshops and paid speaking engagements.

We also talk about the signs when you are headed for an energy crisis, overwhelm and burnout and why you need to set boundaries. We talk about why you need to clean up your tolerations and clutter to be more effective and have more energy. She explains why multitasking is a myth and why you should single task instead. We spend a lot of time talking about energy management and how you can better understand when your energy is highest and which tasks to tackle at that time.

Mary Ann shares why it may be lonely at the top and how an advisory board can help you get the support you need. We touch on why you need to know your values and how your environment contributes to your well-being.

We also touch on the importance of gratitude, reflection and focus to get yourself into action. I think you’ll also like the strategies and tips about positivity that you can implement today.

This past fall, I had the pleasure of attending Mary Ann’s Restart experiential coaching weekend retreat with 15 other like minded women where she gave us the behind the scenes tour in her hometown. It was an incredible leadership development event and she’s got another one planned for October 2018 so you’ll definitely want to check those opportunities out! The program helps you get clear and figure out what’s next for your journey.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say you’ll absolutely love my conversation with my friend Mary Ann Singer and why we both believe that “Less is More” today! 




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