Episode 69: Speaking Your Brand with Carol Cox

Today’s guest is Carol Cox from sunny Orlando, Florida. A fellow podcaster, she’s a true expert in public speaking and business storytelling that I really connected with. Carol’s also passionate about seeing more women in leadership and sees her mission to help more women secure positions of influence and leadership on stages, in boardrooms, in the media, in communities and in politics. A student of culture and history, Carol has had a storied career in television as a political analyst as well as a college professor and software developer. I loved hearing her Brave Girl story which included working in the technology sector and how she now teaches others how to create their signature talk to gain visibility for their brands. 

Carol and I talk about the power of storytelling and how she teaches her clients best practices in public speaking. Carol also explains the process to create a TedX talk and what she recommends if you are considering creating one. Carol has created a framework to create your signature talk that has resulted in client success on the stage. She talks about how to embed and integrate information into your talk to generate leads. She shares many of her free resources to help you on your path as a speaker. We also talk about how to market yourself as a speaker to include creating a landing page on your website, letting people know that you are available to speak, and how to position yourself on LinkedIn. We also talk about how to build your confidence muscle by practicing public speaking and how to create a “Know, Like and Trust” factor.

We also talk about our podcasting journey and why we both love this medium. Carol’s podcast, Speaking Your Brand is a “must listen to” show. She has produced over 145 episodes that you can download to learn more about leadership, public speaking and creating a framework for your talks. We both agree on the need to be consistent and have interesting content when you commit to launching a podcast. Carol and I talk about how podcasting is a long-game play for your business.

I love the bravest thing that Carol has ever done and how it inspires her today! 

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