Episode 65: Always Create with Jennifer McGinley

Today’s guest is public relations expert Jennifer McGinley from JLM Strategic Communications, LLC. Her Brave Girl story includes work in development and fundraising as well as marketing and communications. She started her own practice when she realized that a 9-5 role wasn’t flexible enough for her while allowing her to continue to use her skills on her own terms. A mom to two teenagers, she believes she is role modeling for her children what’s possible for them. A total extrovert, Jennifer explains how she gains her energy by being around people and believes in respecting everyone, regardless of title or position in the workplace. Heavily influenced by her dad’s philosophy of relationship building and delivering superb customer service, Jennifer brings those skills to her own business today when she is pitching the media for small businesses and not-for-profits.

During our conversation, Jennifer shares why she always has to be creating, why self care is so important for her well being and how she works to balance her home and work responsibilities. She also explains why she’s so grateful for her prior work experiences and blessings and how self-reflection informs her decisions today. We talk about the importance of sharpening your listening skills with your children, your friends and your clients and why you need to listen more and talk less. I am sure that you will love Jennifer’s best advice on public relations, entrepreneurship and the importance of relationship building. I’ve gotten to know Jennifer over the past year and I absolutely love her energy, her enthusiasm and her professionalism as a communicator in my community. 

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