Episode 64: Happily Resilient with Martine De Luna

Meet my first guest from the Philippines, Martine De Luna! Just a heads up – her kids are in the background having a good time while we chat so let the good times roll!

Formerly a lifestyle blogger, consultant and teacher, Martine is now a brand strategist and transformational mindset coach to women around the globe. A true entrepreneur, Martine is a trendsetter and disruptive force in the Asia Pacific region that I’ve come to know over the past two years. She shares the BRAVE GIRL journey that she has been on and the adjustments she made through the world of self-development, network marketing and her bold vision for her life. A student of Bob Proctor, Martine has internalized all that she learned from him and now helps her clients shift their mindsets so they are HAPPILY RESILIENT. 

She shares her journey as a performance coach and online marketer and what she focuses on when she works with her clients. I’ve watched Martine’s journey over the past few years and have seen her soar with her program offerings and services. Martine believes that focusing on developing the right habits and behaviors is what will set you free. I love how all of the things that Martine has done in the past have now resulted in her success today. 

Martine has no regrets on her journey and routinely remembers her difficult times to ground her. She openly shares her spiritual views and the shifts she has consciously made over the years and where she is today in her belief system. Martine also shares her views on the power of forgiveness and how it can invite abundance into your life. She also shares her opinions on mindfulness and meditation and why spiritual fitness will become the new normal.Martine shares the concept of “unschooling” that she and her family practice and how it works for them. You’ll love her answer to my finale question regarding the bravest thing she’s ever done and how it inspires her today. 

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