Episode 63: Ask For Opportunities with Marianne Trost

Our guest today is Marianne Trost, a nationally recognized coach to female attorneys across the globe. In our conversation, she shares her best advice on why we need to ASK FOR OPPORTUNITIES in order to have a fulfilling career. Trained as a paralegal, she pivoted to law firm legal management early in her career. Her on the job training experience led her to learn the “rules of the game” within the legal realm. She shares how a two year health crisis led her to reflect and examine what she wanted to do in the world. As a result of suffering major burnout, she decided to help attorneys on their career path and take better care of herself. 

A wealth of knowledge, Marianne shares how when she took on the additional responsibility for business development at a law firm that then enabled her to grow professionally. She teaches her clients the business of a law practice and how to create the law career of their dreams. If you are a female attorney or aspiring lawyer, you’ll want to check out all of the resources that Marianne has available on her website. I’m grateful that Marianne agreed to come on the show and share the real and raw truth around why the world needs more women attorneys and what we bring to the table and can contribute. We also talk about the historical trends and strides being made with women making equity partner in their firms. I love Marianne’s stories and advice and think we can all take something away from her BRAVE GIRL story. 

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