Episode 62: Be An Advocate with Marla Zide

An accomplished attorney, Marla Zide joins the show today. With a practice focused on family law, she grew up the daughter of a judge in New England where she seemed destined to work in the field of law. Her mother, a full tenured professor, served as a role model for her and demonstrated what was possible for her as a leader in the world.

In the conversation, Marla shares her Brave Girl story and the path she took to where she is today. We talk about the work she has done in the area of representing victims of domestic violence and how she advocates for the rights of her clients. Active in her state bar association, she continues to be a leader and mentor to other young lawyers on their career paths. 

Widowed at 35, Marla shares what she learned as she went through the grief process and how her perspective on life shifted. Her words of wisdom are inspiring and motivational. Remarried and now a stepmom, she tells the story of her life today and how she met her partner. I truly enjoyed my conversation with Marla and hearing her perspective on so many topics from foster adoptions, stepparent adoption and same sex parent adoption and why she loves to be an advocate.

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