Episode 61: Reach Out with Wendy Meyeroff

Fellow business communications leader and podcaster, Wendy Meyeroff, joins us today on the show to share her Brave Girl journey and her advice for other women. Coming from a family of storytellers, Wendy naturally excelled at writing and easily won a scholarship for college in New York. She started her career at a publishing house upon graduation and has continued to use her talents to educate and inform others about a variety of topics. She has had an interesting career as a writer working in several industries in both the B2B and B2C space. She has written extensively in the healthcare space, specifically regarding the senior population. Her gift is simply stated: in putting complex technical information into plain English for patient education. She uses storytelling to make it interesting for consumers to grasp and understand. A continuous learner, Wendy is always educating herself on technology, marketing techniques and more and she encourages you to do the same.

Wendy also shares her very personal health journey with epilepsy and what she’s learned as a result. She shares with me the stigma around speaking publicly about epilepsy, a condition affecting her and 3 million other Americans. In 2014, she had surgery on her brain and is doing well as a result. Wendy felt compelled to speak about her condition on the show in the hopes of helping others see the value in “reaching out” when you face something of this magnitude. She also shares her best advice if you have a family member or friend impacted by this condition. A true warrior, Wendy continues to rally, be brave, speak up and move forward on her life journey. 

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