Episode 6: Money Is Not Enough Of A Why With Christine Gallagher

This episode features my friend Christine Gallagher, CEO of She’s Got Clients where she’s spent this past ten years teaching online marketing to female small business owners. She’s also the best selling author of “There’s More to Life Than This,” where she shows a clear path of moving out of your undesirable circumstances and the status quo and into a fabulously inspired life.

Christine, a relationship marketing expert, believes that when entrepreneurs find the courage to share their gifts and their message in a much bigger way, they will not only attract raving fans, enroll more clients, and enjoy more income, they become a force for positive change in the world. In Her Impact Academy Christine has helped her clients authentically attract more opportunities to their businesses.

We talk about how freedom is her top core value and how she helps her clients connect with their WHY so they do not give up when things get too hard. She shares her big WHY and how it buffers her against the roller coaster of entrepreneurship.

Christine’s talks about how she fell upon Ali Brown and the online marketing world via Twitter right when she needed to find it the most and how it inspired her to launch her company. Christine reminds us of the importance of having mentors and then doing what they tell you to do.

She also shares her thoughts on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and how these platforms have changed the world we live in. She recommends that you find your people and then master one network or you’ll wear yourself out. She also trains her clients to be consistent with their email marketing to breed trust. She talks about her webinar and live event strategy and how she grew her list of subscribers and flexed her sales muscles in the early days.

I think you’ll love Christine’s energy and enthusiasm (and the fireworks in the background) in this episode of Brave Girls with Tracy Imm.


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