Episode 59: Divinely Designed with Sheevaun Moran

Meet my highly intuitive and introverted friend Sheevaun Moran from sunny California! I met her many years ago at a conference when I was stuck and searching and she provided me with some vital coaching that I’ve never forgotten. Sheevaun works with people to unlock their hidden voice and get in alignment with what they are here to do. Trained as a computer programmer and scientist, she spent decades in the corporate space and as a consultant. She shares why we need to be true to our “YES.”

She suffered major corporate burnout and landed herself in the emergency room when she realized she needed a complete energetic reset. We chat about what leads to burnout and how to dig yourself out of the situation. Wanting to heal herself and stay healthy for the rest of her life, she learned more about energy and was able to rebound. She also used many of her practices to improve her team’s performance. Using this new found knowledge, she then began teaching others what she had learned about energy and the systems that she had created and were working for her. Today, she has 1-1 coaching, books, online courses and in person events. You can find her at sheevaunmoran.com.

Sheevaun shares her Brave Girl story of what she thought she was going to be (the CEO of a pharmaceutical company) and where she is today as a successful entrepreneur. In the episode, Sheevaun explains why she believes we are divinely designed and how that has inspired her work today. She continues to teach other people around the globe and use her “ism” as she calls it. I love that Sheevaun uses her podcast interview to teach all of us more about how to more successfully manage our energy through meditation, mindful practices and higher awareness. You will love her Brave Girl story of what happened when she went to Nepal and how it inspires her work today.

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