Episode 58: Believable Hope with Joy Sutton

On today’s show I chat with Joy Sutton, the Director of Corporate Communications at American Addiction Centers, a leading provider of both residential and outpatient addiction treatment services. I am thrilled to be able to use my Brave Girl platform to shed light on this critical topic and to provide vital resources and information to you through my conversation with Joy. 

On the episode, Joy tells the story of her boss, addiction treatment trailblazer Michael Cartwright, who co-founded American Addiction Centers and she shares her best advice on how to get help for you or a loved one. We talk about the detox process and why it’s best to do it with assistance. We also talk about residential treatment programs and the path to long-term recovery and sobriety. One of the resources we discuss is Rehabs.com, a national directory and library of resources to help you find out what help is available. I encourage you to visit American Addiction Center’s website as well. It’s chock full of information, not just about their facilities and services but includes research and other resources as you do your research.

Joy and I also talk about Michael’s best-selling book Believable Hope, where he shares his personal struggles, his recovery process and the 5-pronged approach that has caused dramatic transformation with clientele ranging from those living on the street to celebrities and everyone in-between. We talk about the stigma of mental health issues and the clinical information available around brain diseases.

On a personal note, Joy has spent more than 15 years as a media expert and journalist. Some of her career highlights have included covering the impeachment hearings of President Bill Clinton and serving as anchor/health reporter for CBS affiliate WDBJ for more than a decade. She still enjoys entertaining a crowd whether as a motivational speaker or emcee, and her “news voice” has come in quite handy for commercials and other voice-over work. You’ll love her answer to my finale question and understand why today, she brings hope to people through her work as a communicator.

Collectively, I believe that we can bring hope and joy to the world. 

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