Episode 57: Demand Support with Molly Bowen

Meet Molly Bowen, a friend of Megan Urban (from episode 43!) on today’s Brave Girl podcast. I love our conversation and am grateful for the new connection. Molly practices law and writes books in Wimberley, Texas while farmsteading with her husband and three sons. She wrote her first book Mommy Lawyer to teach her children about her career but, more importantly, to give herself and other mommy lawyers a tool to help teach young children to be more understanding, supportive, and proud of their working mother. Mommy Lawyer is the first of a series of children’s books dedicated to developing a more compassionate and supportive relationship between working parents and their children.  

Molly knows firsthand the challenges working mothers face when trying to balance both career and motherhood. She took the bar exam nine months pregnant with her first child. A few days later, her son was born, and Molly landed a job at a fast-paced litigation firm. Two more baby boys followed, and, within three years, Molly was juggling a heavy caseload at work and three little boys at home.

After taking the time to teach her children about her career through Mommy Lawyer, Molly discovered her children were less disappointed and more understanding when she occasionally missed a special day at school or didn’t make it home in time to tuck them in. While we may never fully eliminate “mommy guilt,” Molly hopes this book will help children see their working mother’s career in a more positive light.

Molly shares why we should all be strong female role models for our children and other women in the workforce. We also talk about work-life balance in the world of work today and how important it is to be grateful. One of her greatest lessons from the move to the Texas hill country is to “wake up every day and choose happiness wherever you are.” We also talk about how she bet on herself and asked for what she wanted and was able to get it. 

Molly shares why you need to DEMAND SUPPORT, a concept promoted by Sheryl Sandberg in her book Lean In. Molly’s personal story and the lessons she learned on her journey as a practicing attorney and mom are truly inspirational. I hope you agree!

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