Episode 56: Own Your Gifts with Megan Sumrell

On today’s episode I chat with Megan Sumrell who thinks we all need to OWN our gifts. I want to say a big thank you to Brave Girl Megan Urban who was featured on episode 43 for the introduction to her client Megan Sumrell, a software guru and productivity expert living in Raleigh, North Carolina. My podcasting journey has taught me that amazing women know other amazing women and I love to be able to expose them to you, my listeners and to share their stories and words of wisdom with you. 

The daughter of a Marine, Megan shares her Brave Girl story and how the experience of being raised in a military family shaped and influenced who she is today. Passionate about math, she pursued a career in software testing upon graduating with a math degree. At a young woman she stepped into being a leader in the technology space where often times she was the only woman in the room.

Megan shares the lessons she learned as a working mom and how network marketing helped her find her feminine side after years in a male dominated corporate world. We talk about mom guilt, giving back and where she’s taken her talents and gifts as a leader helping other women.

Two years ago, Megan and her business partner, Jennifer Turnage, created MyBeehyve, a cloud based customer relationship management system (or CRM) used by many of the largest network marketing firms and solo women business owners. She shares the story of where they have taken the company and how it’s grown beyond a product into a services firm that teaches women principles of business and so much more. This online community that empowers women has been birthed by Megan and Jennifer in just a few short years. If you don’t have a CRM for your side hustle or business, I highly recommend that you look into Megan’s product. You can learn more at www.mybeehyve.com.

I love that Megan encourages each of us to own what we are good at and change the world with those gifts. You will also want to check out her personal blog, megansumrell.com and her Time Management, Organization and Productivity program and planner (based on her TOP program)  that she’s created to help teach us how to create more work-life harmony.  

I know that you will enjoy our Brave Girl conversation so let’s go!

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