Episode 55: Have Confidence with Amy Bradley

Today’s podcast episode is my conversation with attorney Amy Bradley, who is a friend of Brave Girl guest Frances Reimers (from episode 19) from the great state of Wyoming. I found Amy to be smart, compassionate, confident and giving. Her competitive nature shines through in our conversation and she shares what winning and losing means in different situations. Amy is also currently the Deputy Town Attorney for the Town of Vienna, Virginia and she shares what she’s learned in that role.

Amy explains why she originally went into television journalism, what her experience was like as a reporter and how she pivoted to a career in law after covering several high profile trials. Since graduating from law school, Amy has represented individuals facing serious criminal charges including multiple felony charge drug distributions, sex offenses, embezzlement and murder. She shares how rewarding she has found her pro bono work assisting victims of domestic abuse in obtaining protective orders against their abusers. We also talk about how to manage through transitions that occur throughout your life and how to stay true to who you really are. 

Amy also tells what her mentors taught her about how to have confidence. We talk about why it’s so important to being open to being coached and mentored. She currently pays it forward with high school students, law students and young attorneys through her mentoring activities. She’s an active volunteer and recognized leader in her field and her community. I found her Brave Girl story fascinating and her career path interesting and I think you will too.

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