Episode 54: Let Go with Sherry Samuels

I am super excited for you to meet Sherry Samuels of Chrysalid Transformations, a certified life coach, writer and workshop leader in today’s Brave Girl episode. She tells her story of how she supports women and teenage girls connect to their inner voice and trust themselves. She shares how she teaches what she has learned in her dark moments in the “rabbit hole” and how she committed to herself and learned to let go. She helps her clients open the door to their inner voice and start living a life of purpose.

A “check the box” girl, Sherry talks about how this mentality did not serve her and why talking about mental health issues is so taboo in her community. Sherry had a “get it together” moment when her mom passed that led her down a slippery slope before she started working with her coach and then became a coach. When she got to the place of allowing herself to breathe and be curious, she was able to transform who she was in the world and begin to share her gifts. I love Sherry’s advice on why we need to look in the mirror and tell ourselves that we love ourselves. We talk about how self love is the foundation for being able to show up as your best possible version. 

We talk about the importance of journaling, meditating, listening to music and having a faith practice. She talks about being playful to stay connected to herself and how she continues to find opportunities to be in the moment. I love all of the wisdom Sherry shares on this episode to include having an accountability partner, doing mirror work and surrounding yourself with empowered like minded individuals. I hope you enjoy our conversation and take inspired action to invite and bring more play into your daily life. 

Sherry is an amazing Brave Girl and shares her story of the bravest thing she’s ever done and what she learned from this experience and why you have to always be true to yourself and let go. So meet my friend Sherry and learn how to be a Brave Girl just like her. 

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