Episode 51: Rise to the Occasion with Rosemary Ostmann

Today, I chat with my Maryland friend Rosemary Ostmann about her journey as a business owner of a boutique public relations agency, RoseComm based in Hoboken, New Jersey. I worked with Rosemary in one of my corporate positions and found her to be smart, dynamic and passionate in that assignment. I recently ran into her at a local media event and immediately knew she needed to be a guest on the show. 

On the episode, she shares her Brave Girl story and how she knew that public relations was the career for her early on. Armed with a journalism degree from the University of Maryland, she spent time in the agency world in both Baltimore and New York before jumping into the entrepreneurial fray at 32 years old. Today she role models for her children what it means to be a working mom. 

I think you’ll love the work she is doing to advocate globally for the Committee to Protect Journalists with the Press Uncuffed campaign and how imprisoned journalists are being freed as a result. Rosemary is a wealth of knowledge about this issue and explains what is happening with press freedom issues today. Rosemary encourages us to rise to the occasion in all that we do and she shares how her daughter’s bravery inspires her. 

As I wrap up episode 51, I am excited to be one episode away from my one year anniversary as a female podcaster. My intention from the start has been to create an international platform to share my conversations with Brave Girls about their stories and the lessons they are here to share with others. I’m so glad I made this decision. I know that each and every episode has been a gift to the Universe and guests like Rosemary make all the effort worthwhile. So let’s go and meet Rosemary.

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