Episode 50: Tell More Stories with Amanda Berlin

Meet fellow podcaster and PR gal from Jersey, Amanda Berlin and hear why she thinks we all need to tell more stories. She’s a brilliant and masterful communicator who coaches entrepreneurs on how to get visibility for their businesses and brands. Her podcast, Empowered Publicity has been out for three years and is one of my favorites – you will want to check it out.

Trained as a copywriter in the PR agency world, Amanda talks about the power of storytelling and how podcasting is an intimate medium that connects you to your audience. She shares her insights on publicity tactics and is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to do the PR themselves. 

She tells her Brave Girl story of how she got to where she is today. She studied journalism at The George Washington University, interned at CNN, wrote for a local paper and came back to New York City. For a decade she wrote media pitches for Disney, Dove, Brawny, Baskin Robbins, Colgate and Campbell’s. Her celebrity publicity days included promoting prominent people like Joan and Melissa Rivers, Anderson Cooper and Paul McCartney. Amanda believes that we all have something important to say, and it’s our responsibility to raise our voices and be heard. There are people out there who need us. It’s up to us to make sure they can find us. 

Amanda shares her experience making investments to work with coaches, mentors and guides and how that shaped who she is today and catapulted her growth. We talk about mindset, affirmations and self-talk and how early on she learned from Gabby Bernstein and her spiritual teachings around A Course in Miracles. She shares her story of making the decision to divorce and the bravery she needed to exhibit for her child as she stepped into who she truly is. We talk about the importance of committing to yourself, doing the inner work and making the changes necessary to become the best version of yourself.  

I was so happy to meet Amanda in real life this past spring when I had a meeting in New York City. She’s real, authentic, smart and I am so glad to now call her a friend and resource. I know you will see why I believe Amanda is a true Brave Girl that is using her gifts for good in the world. 

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