Episode 5: Never Look Back With Pamela Vines

Welcome to this episode of Brave Girls with Tracy Imm where I interview Pamela Hart Vines, a published author and talented communications professional. We talk about writing and video production and how both have been brought together in her business. Her novel, Born of Sin is an Amazon best seller that can be found online.

Originally from Western Pennsylvania, Pamela Hart Vines entered the Army right out of high school and went on to spent over 20 years as a military professional. Her final assignment was as a Lt. Colonel at the Pentagon leading the Army’s public affairs operations. We also talk about her experience as a public affairs officer in the military, including time at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, Korea and Croatia. She’s been at the helm of handling numerous high profile crisis cases, both in the military and in the defense industry.

Fast forward to today, Pam now has her own firm, Troop PR in the Washington DC metro area where she focuses on coaching her clients in the area of reputation management and crisis communications. Pam believes in the power of video and offers video production to her clients as well. On the show, she shares some great tips on preparing yourself for the worst case scenarios that your business may face and why you don’t need a thick crisis binder to protect your reputation.

Pamela and I also talk about the importance of networking and masterminding with other like-minded women business owners and why having an accountability partner is critical to help you achieve your dreams.

You’ll love Pamela’s advice on reputation protection & crisis communications and why you need to get ahead of it!

I think you’ll especially enjoy her answer to my finale question, too.


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