Episode 49: Give Back with Kristin Hancock

On today’s episode, I interview my first Canadian Brave Girl, Kristin Hancock who bills herself as the most fun person you know! She’s an experienced corporate communications professional that now has her own consulting firm where she advises organizations on best practices in employee engagement, communications and more. Her goal is to help her clients create an environment where employees love to come to work. 

She tells her story of growing up in Canada and her career experiences with major brands and non-profits like the Ronald McDonald House in Winnipeg. She shares the impact of losing her brother and how that life event changed her perspective on so many levels and how important it is to be purposeful in all that you undertake.

Her vibrant personality comes across and she talks about why giving back is so important in life. I think you’ll love her Navy Seal aspirations and her advice regarding leadership as a woman based on her experience. We talk about ageism and sexism, and how to deal with these biases when you encounter them. 

Kristin is excited to be moving from her home in Canada to living in the US with her prospective husband and continuing to grow her business. So let’s listen in to what Kristin has to say about creating positive environments where everyone is seen and heard. I can’t wait to see Kristin soar and touch more lives through her gifts.

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