Episode 48: Do Something Epic with Simone Morris

Meet my mastermind buddy Simone Morris, originally from Jamaica, and hear why she thinks you have to DO SOMETHING EPIC in this lifetime and why hustling is so important if you want to learn and grow in life. We talk about how important it is to have a strong faith and positive mindset as your foundation for everything in life. A multi-passionate woman, Simone is a huge proponent of inclusive leadership and loves teaching other business people how to be more inclusive in the world.

A former corporate gal, Simone tells her Brave Girl story of taking more risk as she transitioned to full time entrepreneurship four years ago where she now has multiple revenue streams. I’m sure you will agree with me that she is a true Brave Girl that I love to talk to, engage with and learn from. I know you will find her story inspiring as she stepped out on faith, searched her soul and is now living her dream life with her husband and daughter.

Her first book, Achievement Unlocked was birthed while she was on maternity leave and set her on her way. Her second book, The Power of Owning Your Career chronicles her corporate career journey and advice on why you need to own your career. Today, she runs workshops, retreats and trainings as a result of her research with diverse people. I’m excited to be a guest expert at her upcoming all day event on July 27th in Stamford, CT where we will guide the attendees through Simone’s framework. 

I’m so glad that Simone and I both invested in ourselves said yes to Dr. Shirley Davis’ mastermind a few years ago. I’m so happy that we were able to meet in real life over a crab cake in Baltimore and now have a strategic partnership to help even more people love what they do. In case you missed it, Dr. Shirley was the featured guest on episode 13 of the podcast and she’s been a great mentor to Simone and myself. And if you are looking for another podcast to listen to, I strongly encourage you to tune in to Simone’s show, The Power of Owning Your Career. 
I’m so happy to share my conversation with my friend Simone with you today as you step into who you really are and know that you need to trust and know that you will be okay. 

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