Episode 47: Offer Hope with Kathryn Taylor

Meet Kathyrn Taylor, the author of a fabulous memoir called Two Minus One where she tells her Brave Girl story of sudden abandonment by her second husband. Kathyrn has so much wisdom to share with the world and I am glad our paths have crossed. She is a retired teacher that resides outside of Charleston, South Carolina where she can read, take in the beach vibes and travel. I think her book provides hope to women that may find themselves in a similar situation.

She took her pain, set her intentions for her recovery, and then grabbed her journal to produce the best selling memoir that you can read today. She shares how her dear friend was there for her during her darkest hours and days as she grieved. We talk about the title of the book and how it came to be as well as her entire experience publishing her story working with a publishing house.

I had the honor and privilege of meeting Kathyrn in person when I was in the Charleston area a few months ago. I am sure that you will agree that Kathyrn is a true gem and joy to be around. I love her energy and how she picked herself up and re-emerged on the other side a much stronger person with a new perspective about life. 

I hope you are enjoying my podcast episodes and learning how other Brave Girls are navigating life and continuing to have faith that “this too shall” pass just like Kathyrn did. 

I’ve got some big things planned in the coming weeks to celebrate my one year anniversary as a female podcaster. I’ll share what I have learned since deciding to travel this road by making a commitment to you my tribe of Brave Girls. I’m humbled and honored that the show has become global and is inspiring women to become the best version of themselves and why I believe that the world needs more women in leadership. 

Whether you’ve listened to one episode or all of them, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

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