Episode 46: Calm, Present and Worthy with Nettie Owens

Today’s guest Nettie Owens from Momentum Accountability talks about her Brave Girl journey into entrepreneurship as a professional organizer after a career in computer science and a move across the country with her husband. She talks about what contributes to people being chronically disorganized and how she works with these types of clients. Nettie developed her own methodology for organizing that she trained her team of coaches in and created a value differentiator. I love that Nettie shares her knowledge about this topic and how it impacts your daily living. Her first book, The Take Control System, explains her approach to organizing and will be back on the market soon.

She shares several resources such as the Institute for Challenging Disorganization and NAPO. net for anyone looking to hire a professional organizer. We talk about the craze inspired by Marie Kondo and her methodology in tidying up as well as Julie Morgenstein’s books and concepts around letting go and shedding.

Nettie has taken her organizing skills and business and pivoted her focus towards working with entrepreneurs on setting goals, creating new habits and implementing actions in their businesses. Her second book, Creating Momentum, guides readers through the principles of business success and came to her as a divine download that she took action on. We also talk about why you need to always be investing in yourself and working with a coach to continually transform yourself. She shares how her decision was able to be a catalyst in her journey and the benefits she reaped.

She shares her mantra of “calm, present and worthy” and how it helped her through tough times and shifted her mindset. Nettie is a true gem and wealth of knowledge. I am so glad she reached out to pitch herself to me as a guest on the show. I know that you will garner a nugget or two from our juicy conversation.

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