Episode 45: Say Yes to the Universe with Dr. Elisse Barnes

A super accomplished woman, Dr. Barnes is a powerhouse that is focused on delivering workforce development and training to the world. She shares her Brave Girl story growing up in Ohio as a woman of color that went down the path of an Ivy League undergraduate education at Yale followed by a law degree from Stanford and then the road to a Ph.D. She shares all the ups and downs of her career as an attorney, a teacher and then business woman and why she believes that you should always say yes to the Universe.

After being unexpectedly laid off and highly educated, Dr. Barnes talks about listening to the whisper within and how that led her to where she is today living her purpose as a successful entrepreneur. She literally began her business at her kitchen table teaching other baby boomers how to use LinkedIn to reinvent themselves as they sought their next work opportunity. She shares some of her student’s success stories and how she has been able to position herself as a go-to LinkedIn expert. I love that she shares some of her best tips on using LinkedIn to grow your network, showcase your skills and find a job. We talk about Pamela Slim’s book, Body of Work:Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together and how critical it is to shift your mindset from that of a company employee to a more entrepreneurial view as you grow your body of work in the world.

It’s time to listen in to my conversation with Dr. Barnes and learn about the power of LinkedIn as you work to showcase your unique brilliance and continue to say yes to what the Universe sends your way.

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