Episode 44: Money Equals Emotions with Christina Snyder

Today we meet with Christina Snyder, a trusted wealth management professional who advises others on all things money. She shares her perspectives on the energy of money and how emotions are intertwined with our money story and how she came to this realization at a very young age.

Born and raised in Greece, Christina came to the US when she was fourteen to live with her dad. This experience shaped Christina in profound and dramatic ways. On her own since she was eighteen, she teaches all that she’s learned about money, financial empowerment and decision making when it comes to our finances.

While she was reluctant to share her Brave Girl story for many years due to shame, she now openly shares it in hopes to touch others and teach them the lessons that she has learned. Christina talks about having the courage to make a change, having curiosity about what’s on the other side and the importance of choice.

Christina encourages her clients to have good financial habits and to create a budget that tracks your cash flow. A true coach, she works with her clients to effectively plan for the future and provide for the needs of their families. We talk about generational difference in money perspectives as well as how to define and manage your risks. She also strongly advises to have a team of advisors on your financial journey.

Christina also shares her perspectives on civic leadership and why you need to pay it forward. We also talk about the need to please and setting boundaries to make sure you don’t overcommit and can give your best. I think you’ll love all of the life advice that Christina dishes out on the episode and see why she’s someone that speaks from not only experience but directly from her heart.

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