Episode 43: Create Evidence with Megan Urban

On this episode of the podcast, I interview life and business coach Megan Urban. She hails from the great state of Texas in the US and currently lives outside of Austin with her family.

A natural leader with a strong corporate background, she made a mark in the network marketing world quickly and was able to land private clients out of the gate when she pivoted into entrepreneurship. I find Megan to be a truly beautiful soul and I love how she is showing women how to use a positive mindset and that you can have a life beyond your wildest dreams once you have a positive relationship with yourself. On the episode, she talks about building and creating the evidence that we can do hard things in order to strengthen your inner confidence. She also believes that you need to trust your intuition and then pivot when things don’t work out. In her business, Megan has created a true sisterhood and community with her work. She talks about being in a mastermind program and how she’s now created a tribe for her people. She also shares why women need to be face to face and participate in events, workshops and retreats and how she offers these on the regular.

Megan also talks about what she learned when her father was tragically killed in an accident and why we need to think about the legacy that we want to leave in the world. She talks about living your purpose and why you need to tune in each and every day for today really could be your last. We also talk about the Law of Divine Compensation and how when you put out value into the world it comes back to you.

I love Megan’s vibrancy, energy and heart. She is a gem of a Brave Girl and I know that you will agree. So let’s meet my sister Megan from Texas.

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