Episode 42: Be An Ally with Natalie Runyon

On today’s show I interview Natalie Runyon, an inclusive leadership strategist currently based in New York. Originally from New Orleans, she tells her Brave Girl story of moving to Washington, D.C., earning her MBA in Finance and life as an intelligence analyst. Her corporate path includes time in financial services, to include a paid fellowship to help rebuild the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. She shares how her volunteer trip to Ghana inspired her passion to create a more inclusive world to include women’s advancement and advocating for others.

Natalie also holds a coaching certification that led her to start her side hustle where she taught other women how to “Be the CEO of Your Career.” The program was repurposed and implemented globally by the company where she currently works and continues to have an impact today.

Natalie shares more about the work that she is doing today as a talent, culture and inclusion leadership strategist where she amplifies the success stories of women of color in the legal sector though a digital platform. Natalie talks about how to be an ally in the world today and to create inclusive environments wherever you can. She also shares her advice on the importance of finding community as you pursue your dreams. We talk about why you need coaches, mentors and guides along the way to advocate for you. I love what Natalie has to say about the workplace and how to navigate the terrain. We also talk about her recommendations for books on leadership and podcasts she likes to listen to that you may want to check out.

I hope you learn a thing or two from my conversation with Natalie on how to be a better ally to others that don’t look like you.

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