Episode 41: Choose Resilience with Barb Clapp

On today’s show is Barb Clapp, a community leader and public relations executive in Baltimore that I’ve known and admired for years. Barb shares her Brave Girl story of being born to an unwed mother then placed into foster care and subsequently being adopted. She explains why she had to choose resilience in order to survive her traumatic childhood experience and how that has influenced who she is today.

She tells the story of starting a business in her attic seventeen years ago and how she grew her company. She recently sold that business to another owner and we talk about where she wants to go next. Barb is truly a self-made woman that shares the valuable lessons she learned on her journey.

We cover a lot of territory on the world of work as women and what’s working and what’s not. We talk about the importance of listening when you are in a sales conversation with a prospect or client and why you need to also trust your intuition. We talk about the need for self-care, especially when you are driven and goal oriented. She shares about her meditation and gratitude practice and what she has learned along the way.

I’m grateful to call Barb Clapp my friend and truly happy to share our conversation with you on today’s podcast.

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