Episode 40: Speak Up with Jessica Schiller Silverman

Meet my friend Jessica Schiller Silverman of Mo’Zen Wellness a seasoned corporate finance professional originally from Florida who tells her Brave Girl story of conquering panic, anxiety and depression to where she is today living her purpose as a transformational business coach living in the Bay Area. I know that you will love her energy and passion for the work that she is doing today. She shares how she dealt with feeling like a misfit and how she has worked through those difficult emotions to become her most authentic and healthy self.

Jessica, an avid podcast listener is a fantastic guest and I know you’ll see why she’s such an inspiration to me and to so many others. She talks about taking the leap of faith from the world of venture capital where she helped fund other people’s dreams into entrepreneurship where she is living her soul’s purpose. She explains how she created her platform and how it’s helping others live their soul’s purpose. We talk about busting the myth of the “starving artist” and teaching women how to move beyond the emotional aspects of creating a platform.

She talks about how her business has evolved over the past four years where she teaches her clients what she learned through her personal reinvention. Using her business background, she’s leveraged all aspects of herself to work with clients. She has group programs, online courses and workshops that she offers. Jessica is currently working on her first book as part of the Hay House Writer’s program and I can’t wait to see what she creates.

She talks about her perspectives on money as energy and how infinite and abundant the universe is. You’ll love her book recommendations, The Compound Effect and Women Who Run with the Wolves and what she loves about them.

Please join me in wishing Jessica a very happy birthday today as we publish her Brave Girl episode.  

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