Episode 4: Follow The Call Of The Way with Debby Kevin

In this episode of Brave Girls with Tracy Imm meet my smart, funny and adventurous colleague Deborah (“Debby”) Kevin.

We talk about her life as a military kid and how always being the “new” girl was actually a gift where she learned to believe in herself. Raised by her grandparents, she talks about her experience and how it shaped who she is today.

In college, she trained as an accountant and spent many years in the corporate world crunching numbers and auditing financial statements. Eight years ago she left the corporate world and now helps others tell their stories and shape their personal brands as a writer, editor and coach.

Not only does Deborah believe in herself but she continues to invest in herself through working with coaches and mentors. She continues to live her truth and has stepped into who she really is as a Brave Girl. Her courage is amazing and she’s a real light in the world today.

We talk about her desire to walk the Camino and what’s she learned as a result of pursuing her dream and answering the “call of the way.” She now taps into her intuition on a regular basis and listens to the signals she receives. This summer she’ll be walking more of the Camino and we wish her luck!

Deborah also shares her very personal story about what she’s learned as a result of her son Jack’s diagnosis of being on the autism spectrum and how she trained herself to help him succeed. She attributes much of her personal growth to being a single mom to her sons, Cooper and Jack.


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