Episode 39: Stormy Weather Comes with Melissa Wells

Meet Melissa Wells, the author of the book, The Thirty Day Prayer Journaling: Building Your Prayer Life and Discovering Your True Identity. We met at the Baltimore Book Festival this past year and I knew she had to be on the show.

A true Brave Girl leader, Melissa turned her pain into good by teaching what she learned during her divorce and bringing this amazing book into the world. She shares how her relationship with God and prayer got her through stormy weather when she didn’t know where to turn. She shares how therapeutic writing and prayer can be for our souls and how her book guides the reader to come back to who they have always been. Far too often, we lose our identity and allow unfinished dreams, visions and plans to slip away from us.

Melissa learned to trust God during her difficult times, even though she wasn’t clear on her next steps. We talk about knowing that stormy weather will always come and test your faith so you need to be prepared. We talk about the importance of faith in your daily life and how you can come out of difficult situations. Melissa advocates for creating a prayer practice in your life to anchor your soul.

We talk about the her dreams for her non-profit, Second Chance Outreach Ministry and how she helps people who have hit rock bottom by showing compassion and teaching the power of prayer.

I am so grateful for Melissa sharing her story and wisdom on the show today.

I invite you to listen in to our conversation and I encourage you to go grab yourself a copy of Melissa’s book, The Thirty Day Prayer Journal.

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