Episode 38: Take A Down Day with Resia Nank

On this episode, meet my former work colleague Resia Nank and listen to her Brave Girl story and how she climbed the corporate ladder at major corporations in healthcare, banking and more. We talk about her career in public relations, investor relations, employee communications and leadership events and what she liked about her work.

She talks about her adrenal health crisis and what it taught her about herself, her perfectionist tendencies and how she has healed herself. She shares the techniques she used and how she rebuilt her adrenal capacity. With her entire identity wrapped up in her job, she was lost and now takes down days on the regular as a freelancer.

Her book Small Town Scandal: A Real Life Love Lesson is the true story of Resia being seduced by a married man twice her age when she lived on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in the 1970’s. She shares the details on the show and how scandal rocked her small town and her world. She also talks about her self-publishing path and how she used her public relations skills to promote the book and why she worried about being sued. Resia has also written a children’s book Kitty Girl and Mr. Squirrel that is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She is planning to write a sequel and has plans to write a true crime book so be on the lookout.

Enjoy my conversation with Resia and remember to take a down day to rest and don’t push too hard.

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