Episode 37: Soak In The Moment with Dorothy Fuchs Yeager

On today’s episode I interview fellow public relations practitioner and uber connector, Dorothy Fuchs Yeager, from Purple Dot PR who produces events and does media relations for a variety of clients in Baltimore. She shares the importance of building relationships and establishing strategic partnerships to create a reputation in the marketplace as a go to resource.

You’ll love her tips on how to sell yourself to prospective clients and why she has been successful at landing small and large clients when competing against larger organizations. We talk about her Brave Girl story and how it influenced where she is today as a founder and CEO of her own firm and super connector. She shares why being a Jack of All Trades has been a strength that has served her well. She also talks about what she has learned from her previous sales jobs and how it set her up to understand what people are looking for. A lover of storytelling, movies and music, Dorothy explains how she uses her passions to relax and learn about life.

Dorothy talks about how she and her husband “soaked in the moment” on a recent three week trip to Europe and how she was inspired by the history, the architecture and the people.

Dorothy’s dedication to her community started at a young age and she advocates volunteering as a good thing for your soul. She shares a few stories about her work with the non-profit community locally and why we need to help others.

It’s time for you to meet Dorothy and hear her story.

Episode 37: Soak in the Moment with Dorothy Fuchs Yeager

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